Fix and Ride


During the COVID-19 pandemic we recognise that more people are making local trips or occasionally still need to get to their workplace. Many will want to follow guidance and avoid public transport. Cycling is a fantastic way to do this. 

The objective of Fix and Ride is to enable participants to make local trips or cycle to work.  This service includes:
•    Coming directly to your home to provide this service
•    Checking and making basic repairs to your bike so that it can be ridden safely on the road
•    Providing practical cycling tips, including route planning, on how to arrive safely at your desired destination.

We are here to help more people to cycle more often so pull out your bike from the shed, allow us to come round and get it road worthly and off you go!

Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Confident

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Cycle Confident provide these FREE sessions in the following boroughs

Social distancing and hygiene

We are working to support our local communities whilst protecting our instructors, mechanics, clients and the general public.

Our upmost concern is around the prevention of spread of the Coronavirus. We will be adhering to the latest guidelines issued by Public Health England , the World Health Organisation (WHO) and will reduce risk as much as possible with the following guidelines, specific to our Fix and Ride service:

Handwashing and disinfecting

Our team will wash their hands for 20 seconds at destinations. When bicycles are collected we will wipe down the handlebars and saddle with disinfectant. We will wear disposable gloves when working on the bicycle.

Contactless service

Our staff will maintain a two-metre distance at all times.