Schools Level 3 Cycle Training

Age Group: Year 7 and above.

Duration: 2 sessions running over a two-day period.

Group Size: The children are taken out in groups of 2 (maximum) by one nationally accredited cycle instructor. We run two groups per day, therefore 4 children per course.

Course: Bikeability Level 3.

Course Structure

During Bikeability Level 3 trainees will learn the skills to tackle more challenging roads and traffic situations. Level 3 training is often tailored to specific trainee needs, such as a route to work or school.

Session 1: Trainees' bikes are adjusted and helmets are fitted. Level 1and 2 training outcomes are assessed. Level 3 training begins if trainees have the competence.

Session 2: Level 3 training is continued and completed.

Post session: Feedback and Bikeability certificates distributed.

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