Havering Bikewise Hubs


Havering BikeWise Hubs is a programme of free bicycle training and maintenance activities at various locations in the borough: myplace, Rainham Village Primary School, Ingrebourne Valley, The Thames Chase Forest Trust and The Coopers' Company and Coborn School.

We welcome children, families, over 50s, all ages and all abilities from complete beginners to confident cyclists.

Activities on offer include:

  • Individual/Family sessions - Gain confidence and learn skills in these two-hour training sessions tailored to your individual abilities and goals. Available dates and times at each location will appear on map.
  • Learn to Ride - Children's Complete Beginner cycle training for age 5 years and over. Suitable for those who have never ridden a bike or would like to come off stabilisers.
  • Bikeability Level 1 - Children's Level 1 cycle training for age 5 years and over. Suitable for children who can already ride a bicycle but may need some practise off-road.
  • Bikeability Level 2 – Children's Level 1&2 cycle training for age 9 and over. Suitable for children with a basic riding ability who need to practice cycling on the road.
  • Bikeability Level 3 – trainees will learn the skills to tackle more challenging roads and traffic situations. Level 3 training is often tailored to specific trainee needs, such as a route to work or school.
  • Basic Bike Maintenance workshops - Come along with your bike to learn how to fix a puncture, adjust brakes, index gears, lubricate your chain correctly and much more.
  • Advanced Bike Maintenance workshops – This course focuses on wheels truing, cable removal and refitting, gears, etc. providing you with a more thorough knowledge of your bike and how to fix it.
  • Dr Bikes – Our experienced mechanics check everything on your bike from wheels, brakes, gears and tyre pressure to lights, racks, pedals, saddles and more. By the end, your bike will feel loved and cared for.
  • Discovery Group Led Rides – A great way to enjoy the nature in Hornchurch Country Park by bike.

And after completing the training you can celebrate your new skills by exploring your neighbourhood on our marshalled group rides.