Cambridge is well-known for its number of cyclists. The University wants to make cycling an accessible option and positive experience for everyone.

The University of Cambridge is offering FREE cycle training for keyworkers, staff and students who live, work or stufy in the Eddington area.


If you fall into one of the following categories, you are eligible for free Cycle Skills sessions provided by the Eddington development:

- Residents in Key Worker Housing                     - Swirles Court students

- University of Cambridge Eddington staff           - Sainsbury's staff

- Argos staff                                                                - University of Cambridge Primary School staff

- Nursery staff                                                             - Storey's Field Centre staff

- Nursery parents/guardians                                - University of Cambridge Primary School parents/guardians

Group Cycle Training (for keyworkers, students and staff): 

The session will cover either basic, urban or advanced cycle skills, so whether you're brand new to cycling or a seasoned rider, there will be something for you! Have a look below for the different course types and click here to see what's on.


These sessions take place off-road and can include: Learning to cycle, becoming a bike owner, looking after your bike and locking up your bike.


These sessions involve cycling on quieter roads and include: Creating a positive cycling experience, route planning, negotiating pedestrianised areas and quieter roads and highway code awareness.


These sessions take place on busier roads and include: Navigating busier roads and motor vehicles, sharing space with other road users and highway code awareness.

Individual sessions (for Staff):

Get tailored training at a level suited to your needs, or book a lesson for the family (with up to three participants)! Choose from Basic (complete beginner), Urban (quiet local roads) or Advanced (complex junctions and busy roads). 

For more information or to book, please get in touch.