Luton Borough Council are committed to encouraging safe cycling for all school pupils. Cycling is healthy, good for the environment and fun!

Bikeability is cycling proficiency for the 21st century that gives you the skills and confidence to cycle in modern road conditions. Cycle Confident is working in partnership with Luton Borough Council to provide the following service:

Schools Level 1 & 2 Bikeability, book here

Age Group: Year 5, 6 and above

Duration: 5 consecutive days over a week

Group size: Up to 36 pupils per course, taken out in groups of 12 (maximum) and are accompanied by two Nationally Accredited Instructors

Outcomes: The pupils work towards Bikeability Level 1 and 2

Location: Level 1 training is playground based. Level 2 training is on quieter roads which are risk assessed by the instructors

Course Structure

Initially Level 1 is covered. Level 2 allows the pupils to interact with real traffic, but sticking to quieter roads. By completing Level 2, pupils show they have the skills to make a trip more safely on quieter roads and cycle lanes, perhaps to school.

Session 1: Level 1 training includes adjusting riders' bikes, helmets fitted and learning essential bike control skills. Aim to complete Level 1 training

Session 2: Level 1 skills are re affirmed. Depending on the ability of each group, Level 2, on road training, commences. However if the pupils require more practice with their controls skills they remain in the playground

Session 3 and 4: Level 2 on road training commences / continues. Progressively more advanced activities are undertaken as the riders' skills improve

Session 5: Level 2 on road training is completed. The aim of this session is for the pupils to put into practice what they have learnt during the week. Depending on the pupils' progress, they will often go for a long and enjoyable ride with the instructors, leaving them with positive thoughts towards cycling

Post Session: Final Feedback and Bikeability Certificates distributed


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