The London Borough of Merton is committed to making cycling a safe, enjoyable and practical method of transport in the borough. Anybody who lives, works or studies in the borough is entitled to our services and we actively encourage the use of them.

All our cycle training follows the national standards which include Level 1 (practising skills in an off-road environment to develop control) and Level 2 (on minor, quiet roads).

We currently offer the following services:

  • Children's Holiday Group Cycle Training – Bikeability level 1&2. See our Upcoming Events or read more...
  • FREE Schools Cycle Training. For schools who wish to book a course or for more information, select from one of the following levels: Level 1, Level 1 & 2 or Level 3. Please note that, in Merton, Level 1 is for Year 5 only and Level 1 & 2 is for Year 6 only
  • FREE Led Rides where you can have a relaxing group ride in the borough with our qualified cycling instructors
  • SUBSIDISED Basic Bike Maintenance courses for anyone completing a course of cycle training
  • FREE or SUBSIDISED Dr Bike Sessions where an experienced mechanic will check your bike is in good order. They’ll make minor adjustments there and then and advise you on any more complex fixes you may need.

Cycle Confident works in partnership with Merton providing all its cycle training initiatives. For any queries relating to the training on offer please contact us.

Free copies of cycle maps detailing routes across London are available from the TFL website.