Cycle Skills


Whether you are a first time rider or a regular cyclist looking to improve your skills, our free individual training sessions are tailored to suit your abilities and goals.

Choose the course that’s suitable for you from the following options:


Cycle in an off-road environment with a qualified instructor. You’ll learn the basics, build your skills and gain the confidence to be able to navigate around your local area.

Please note that due to current social distancing measures we are unable to teach people to cycle who are complete beginners. We hope to resume this service soon. 

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Improve your cycling skills and confidence. You'll start in an off-road environment to refresh your cycling technique and develop new skills before moving on to practise on quiet roads. Your qualified instructor will support you throughout.

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Perfect your cycling techniques with a qualified trainer. Improve your performance when dealing with complex junctions, heavy traffic or cycling at night and receive assurance that you are cycling efficiently and effectively.

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Whichever option you choose your instructor will assess your abilities and progressively build on them. We can help you plan the best routes to work, to friends’ houses or wherever you want to go. And we can cycle these routes in your sessions. 

Cycle Confident provide these FREE sessions for people who live, work or study in:

Use the link for your borough to find information on other services we provide in your area.

If Cycle Confident does not work with the borough in which you live work or study, visit the TfL website and register your interest there. Someone from the respective council will then contact you.

If you do not live, work or study in one of the above mentioned boroughs, we are more than happy to provide you a lesson privately.